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Remain indoors.

A doctor in Canada explaining the utmost importance of #stayathome #remainindoors

There are some reports that roadblocks are stopping people for not wearing masks. But this SMS from the health ministry..

From the national security council.

Did you know our national library has e-books? #stayhome #restrictedmovementorder

Very appalling to see this behaviour probably because of some unsubstantiated article in the newspaper and other sources. Some apparent nipah virus expert telling people to stock up. You're just going to really cause mass panic and hysteria.

Detailed infographic. Official source national safety council. It's NOT a lock down like some other people are insisting. If they keep insisting, they'll be reported for fake news. You're causing undue panic. Without realising.

From the ministry of health Malaysia.

Looks like an Ingress portal or a Pokemon Go gym,. Or a Hogwarts Secrets portal. But it's an entrance to a benchmark of luxury accommodation. #throwback

"light bulb" -gru- Thanks for the idea, @coffeemeetsbagel

Be humble as well. in the morning 8am 25th Feb.

Will be back soon with more #throwbacks.

Source: ministry of health, Singapore.

Like Sam Shamoun. Then there are a few speakers back in Christian Fellowship who bragged about their Bible having plenty of underlines and highlights and questioning why my Bible is clean. Wow. Darn. It's a holy book. Treat it respectfully when using. Others can't even touch their holy books!

Well done, Dungeon AI and the fan made Star Wars adventure.

It does look like he's coding as well. Yay.

Watchnight service instead of noisy rowdy fireworks. #nye2020 Told you I was going to do it a different way. Instagram's camera has changed. Now full-sized portrait. Hard to crop. Prayers to those affected by the church shooting in the USA. Scary to be in that situation. Praying for protection on all night watch services tonight. There are at least 4 I'm aware of here.

Happy 2020 week. I am not likely sending out any recording of new year festivities. I'll be welcoming it in a different peaceful way. Be sure to attend one of them or watch a live broadcast. And remember, have responsible fun.

Forwarded from a telegram group. πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜‘

Psychedelic crescent Sun. Taken via reflection on water through a compact disc as a Mylar filter. #annulareclipse2019 Mgag and their sponsor eclipse mints really trolled as well. Lol.

Some more crescent Sun pictures. Using the cloud as a natural filter. #annulareclipse2019

#annularsolareclipse 2019. Dogs and birds are crazy. Clouds are a natural filter for it. Otherwise use an old CD. Sgag were a little stupid covering from Orchard Road Singapore. No filter, and just filming themselves mostly. Our planetarium has a live feed, and I'm curious, why are our Muslim friends saying subna Allah or something like that in the live chat? #annulareclipse2019

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