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@taylorswift live crossover from Alibaba TMall 11.11 gala China on #mylazada1111! Nice performance! Great to see her in her proper self. No autotunes, no playback. She says she always maintains her actual voice in concerts.

Amen and Amen.

Do you have #onewish for new Malaysia? #imaginenation #ibridgecamp #workinprogress Name them below! Positive wishes only. Negative wishes will be deleted.

Sunrise view of the pool from the dorm gym balcony. #ibridgecamp

#ibridgecamp #workinprogress . These are great acronyms to remember.


#ibridgecamp #workinprogress

It's quite reasonably priced.

It is well with my soul.. From Living Word Christian Center, USA. I hope she's married, her husband is so blessed to have her.

Pretty good place. But no conducive separate team rooms like last year. #lawtechmalaysia #supernovasummit

So that's what happened to the old mrcb office. #lawtechmalaysia #supernovasummit

Ideaboards at #lawtechmalaysia hackathon 2019.

Since the announcement that free events are USD 1 per ticket, has any of you considered using I think it's Malaysian. Support Malaysian.

Tune in then at Submit questions to their social medias.

Problem statement #aiforaccessibility #hack4society


So probably those fried grasshoppers they sell like crisps are okay. Because John the Baptist also ate similar.

Join next series. Building bridges.

Via BirdLife International.. "Its already late September - we are well in the midst of the spectacular (autumn) migration season - many millions of migratory birds are now on their epic journeys south in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway - the most endangered of the world’s migratory bird flyways! Some of these travelers include our most threatened species, such as the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Baer's Pochard and Yellow-breasted Bunting! Big thanks to Rohan Chakravarty of Green Humour for helping us develop this exciting series of migratory bird cartoons!"

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