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Seeing how the zebra dove protects her babies.. I'm taken to this verse..

Minority report...

Don't blame us please. It's marketing that made us do it.

Interesting.... What China is up to now.

I wonder if he left a legacy..


Come one come all. #nationbuilding #betternation #beapacaba

A large gecko on an apartment balcony door frame.

Reminds me of my days at Caulfield in Victoria, Australia. Very Melbourne weather.

Lunch at #barcampkl 2017

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#barcampkl 2017 on the way there.

Arduino Uno (Funduino Uno) for RM65 on #carousell

Christ centered IT professionals let's meet-up! #indigitous

If you've ever wondered what are all those John 3:16 decorations.

Reminds me of the old public bank mascot.

Haha.. Sign at #indigitous #hack Malaysia.