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Tonight! Come clubbing the clean way! Grabcar code RLCOASIS


A sparrow on the sidewalk of a bus depot.

A baby peaceful dove peeks out from its nest on a bay window hinge. It's droppings can be seen as well.

At special church service with Dr Ed Delph earlier. This is really a really good concept.

#mydd2017 mcmc, AT&T.

Light cubes! #ioxkl

#stayhungrystayfoolish #ioxkl #ioxkl2017

Thanks for opening the other light rail entrance, rapidkl. #ioxkl2017

You're so funny, spotify! Hahaha!

First night's dinner at the #ibridgecamp2017

Horrible internet issue being faced now. Modem keeps disconnecting.

Address: search for renewal Lutheran church. Or see attached location. Grab car code: RLCOASIS

That's clearly NOT the correct captain ball, my darling. #ibridgecamp

Sceneries of #ibridgecamp2017 last weekend.


How so true..